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    How do I obtain documents about a toddler kidnapped and then returned to the USA during WW2?


      My grandmother and her parents immigrated to the US in 1912 and 1920 (my great grandfather went to the USA first and then my grandmother and great grandmother went over later). My grandmother went to school and then later became a US citizen both through derivative and then by taking the oath of allegiance to the USA. She then met and married my grandfather in the US. My grandfather was of German descent but migrated and later took the oath of allegiance to the USA as well. They then went on to have a son - my father - born in the US and he is a citizen.


      In 1935, my grandfather's Aunt and Uncle were going back to Germany to visit family. They asked to take my father (about 18 months old) with them so he could meet the family there. My grandmother agreed to let him go as she felt it was important for him to meet as much family as he could. Off they went to Germany (and we have a few pictures of them on the vessel with my father). However, once there, someone got the idea that they were going to keep him and that way they had a good standing with Hitler. This was during the time when Hitler had the Aryan plan and my father fit the bill exactly - blonde hair and blue eyes.


      They then contacted my grandmother or my grandmother contacted them and this is when my grandmother found out they had decided to keep him with the family in Germany. This upset and frightened my grandmother. From what we've been told, she made many calls to the US Department of State about my father. At first she was told if he's a German citizen they couldn't do anything, but when she told them my father was a US citizen, they sent someone to collect or had the family come back to the US with him. He was then raised in the USA with my grandmother and was never let out of the country again until he turned age.


      My question is this:

      How do I go about finding any docs related to my grandmother contacting the US government when this happened? I do have their naturalization paperwork and other statements when I had them do a search (thinking there might be something included in the documentation but there wasn't) in relation to their naturalization paperwork.


      Any and all help is welcomed and appreciated!


      Jo Ann Fitzgerald