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    Is there any evidence of Hitler visiting the Walther Plant in Zella-Mehlis?


      Looking for evidence that Hitler visited the Walther Plant at Zella Mehlis.A photo or document reference would be perfect .


      Also looking for a photo of Hitler actually shooting a pistol.

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          While I couldn't find anything specific to Zella-Mehlis in our Catalog, I did find a record group that might be of use in the National Archives.


          Record Group 569, National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized. Since photographs are both within textual series and their own separate series, I recommend emailing inquire@nara.gov - this will ensure that your reference question gets to the right people.


          Secondly, and more likely to have what you need, is the Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives) in Germany. They have a wonderful photograph database that you can either search, or browse by topic. The topics are in German, but the rest of the database is available in English. Here is a link: The Digital Picture Archives of the Federal Archives


          For textual sources within the Bundesarchiv, here is the homepage for records on National Socialism in Germany. These records are split between four of their locations. Either Freiburg which holds the military archives, or Berlin-Lichterfelde which holds records on the organizations of the NSDAP are your best bets. One caution when emailing the reference staff at any of the Bundesarchiv locations: many of them will only answer questions in German and heavily prefer to receive reference questions in German.

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