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    Seeking records of attempted rescue by Caribbean Air Command

    Theresa Anderson Newbie

      I am looking for information related to a military rescue operation in January 1956 in Ecuador when five American civilians were reported missing in the jungle. Here's what I know: The Caribbean Air Command's Rescue Coordination Center received the call, which was located at Albrook Air Force Base in the Panama Canal Zone. Pilot Capt Charles J DuPont, co-pilot Capt WP DeWitt and a three man crew flew of the 26th Air Rescue Squadron flew an SA-16 Grumman to Ecuador to assist with the rescue. A helicopter was also used in the operation, flown to the scene in two C-47s. The civilians were found killed by an Amazonian tribe. An Army photographer was also there to document the effort, and a USAF Major Malcolm Nurnberg assisted with the effort due to prior experience in the country.


      I am looking for reports and photographs related to the operation, as well as information about the officers involved, but haven't been able to come up with anything on the National Archives site. Any help would be appreciated.