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    Seeking WRA records about Reverend Daito Suzuki & Sadako Suzuki

    tetsubumi sayama Wayfarer

      Reverend Daito Suzuki who was 'interned' at Gila River by the WRA but had been arrested and processed before then... I would love to find all the records of my maternal grandfather! I am having a bit of trouble navigating inside of here and was wondering how I should start looking for information/photographs/documents that would pertain to my grandfather's detention and 'internment' at Gila River. I believe he was arrested in San Francisco, but not sure as it was a long time ago when my mom sort of mentioned that in passing.


      in addition, my maternal grandmother, Sadako Suzuki, also was also arrested (yes, my mom, an only child had to be cared for by a neighbor as both her parents were arrested). From my mom's telling, she was sent to Sybil Brand to be held, and from what I can tell they all traveled separate paths to Gila River. It'd be great to be able to dive into this... many thanks!