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    Seeking military records of Michel Süder

    Connie Carter Wayfarer

      Does History Hub include information on Canadian Military Records during the American Revolution? I have an ancestor who was a Hessian soldier that was sent to Quebec Canada in 1778 as part of a small auxiliary troop called Nuppenau's Jaeger Corps out of Anhalt-Zerbst, Germany. The Canadian Archives that retains the information on this small contingent is down for maintenance and has been for awhile now. I also tried the German Archives in Baden, Germany which is the alleged area that he was born in, but I could find nothing. I am unable to locate any specific information on my ancestor, Michel Süder, which I believe was an alias, which makes it even more difficult. I can find some information about the corps itself but not on the men in the unit. Do you have access to that information or do you know where I may find that information other than the Canadian archives? Thank you so much for your help.