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    Looking for Elias August Fredericks (1854-??) came to america in 1881 and vanishes, HELP ! been looking for years now


      Elias August Fredericks born 29 Aug 1854 in Vittinge, Vastmanland, Sweden and had his christening there on 3 Sep 1854


      Parents are Fredric Larsson (9 May 1811-1 Apr 1880)  and Christina Maria Jansdotter (17 Sep 1810-??)


      Elias marries Sophia Augusta Lindenau on 1 Oct 1876

      Their first kid  Linnea Teresia dies sometime between 1876 to 1878

      They go on to have :

      August Alfred Engelbrekt  28 May 1877

      Linnea Axelina 11 Oct 1879

      Karl Gustaf 16 Sep 1881


      Then the family comes over to America in 1881 on the ship Marsdin and here's where things get tricky

      Elias is listed on the ship records but thats it, with the loss of the 1890 records I dont know what happened to him

      In the 1900 census Sophia says she's a widow, and then! in the 1910 census she says she's divorced and no one knows what happened

      Now in those two census records it lists Sophia having more children

      Bernard - born 27 Oct 1884

      Elsie - born Nov 1885

      William -born 27 Jun 1888

      Fred- born 9 Mar 1890


      So does that mean Elias was still around in 1890? without the census there's no way to prove it either way

      Elias has simply vanished and he never returned, I know for a fact that Sophia and almost all her children are buried at Mount Olive Cemetery in Chicago and that Elias is not there


      So where is Elias? like with all families we have stories that were passed down and with our family there's two


      Rumor 1)  They had seven children to support in the new world and so Elias left for the gold rush and died somewhere along the way or over a fight for gold,or any other thousand things that go wrong in traveling around back in those days


      Rumor 2) Now stuck raising over seven kids, he simply abandons Sophia and the kids for fame and fun in the new world



      I've been working on my family history for years and years now and I can trace all of Sophia's line and I know the lines of all her children.

      But Elias....he's a massive massive family mystery...nobody knows what happened to him

      Over the years I've emailed so many different places to try and find him with no success, I used membership ancestry and used family search but I've gotten nothing on what happened



      Anyone wanna try and help?