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    Seeking Drawings & Information on South Dakota Class Battleships

    Brian Hall Newbie

      Looking for labeled diagrams on the South Dakota Class (BB57) battleship's weapon systems, specifically:

      -Mk6 16"/45 caliber rifle

      -BB57 Class main battery gun house, pan plate, electric deck, shell flats, powder flats, annual space, magazines, etc.

      -MK12 5"/38 caliber dual-purpose guns

      -Twin gun house used on BB59 class

      -Gun house upper and lower handling rooms including powder and ammunition magazines

      -Mk38 main battery director

      -Mk37 secondary battery director

      -Armoured conning tower (conning station and spot 3)


      Also would like to know what Navy ratings were used to run the battleship USS Massachusetts (BB59).  Is there any type of job description for those ratings?


      Thank you