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    Seeking Beneficiary Information On Family Inheritance

    Lori Sullivan Adventurer

      Seeking beneficiary information pertaining to my deceased grandmother (Betty Jean Cook) register claim on family inheritance pertaining to my grandmothers (great grandfather or great, great grandfather from what I understood at the time)  family Inheritance. My grandparents being so really excited to tell me the great news (grandpa hollered and hand motioned for grandma to come in set down beside him and tell me the great news) me and my husband set down one afternoon in the front room of my grandparents small home. It's been a few years ago now. My grandparents wanted to tell us about the money that I was coming into one day. The government borrowed the money in the years past and paid it back in full with interest and that is how that account grew and grew through the years (government loan) My grandma said, that I would be coming into 'lot's and lot's of money' and she wanted me to know. I asked, 'what do I do, so that if I don't see the inheritance money that my kid's will one day see it'? My grandparents said, 'that I need not to worry about that, because I was the one coming into lot's and lot's of money' and it all had been taken care of and there was nothing for me to do or worry about.


      My grandparents left me with no information other then their words of truth. So here it is many years later and I am still wondering where is the money that I am suppose to be coming into that my grandparents where so sure that I would get? I am thinking that I am the beneficiary of the family inheritance funds that my grandmother claimed on behalf of her great grandfather or great, great grandfather. That is why I am seeking beneficiary information. I am Lori L (Clark) Sullivan beneficiary of family inheritance? If so I am right here. Me and my husband where the only ones that they told at the time many years ago. It was to be kept silent because my grandparents didn't want the rest of the family thinking that they had lot's of money. They was happy with the life that they had with each other and that they had lived for so many years. They didn't want to deal with such a huge change, so late in life. My deceased grandfather (Joseph Wayne Cook) was the Mayor of Columbus, Kansas many years ago. My deceased grandmother (Betty Jean Cook) continued to work on her family genealogy research for many years, clear up to her death.