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    Seeking divorce records of Connie Lou (Cook) Judy

    Lori Sullivan Adventurer

      My mother Connie Lou (Cook) Judy got a divorce from her second husband Jerry Judy from Cherokee County Columbus, Kansas back when I was a very young child. (Approximate age 2)  At one time I did see the divorce court records, but it's been many years ago. ( My dad John Edward Clark's second wife deceased (Caroline Raye (Rowton) Clark) just out of the blue one day decided to give me a copy of my mother's( Connie Lou (Cook) Judy) divorce court records. At the time I really didn't care what was on the court papers or maybe I just didn't want to take the time to acknowledge the true facts of what was stated. I read through it randomly and really not comprehending what I was reading, because at the time it was a thing of the past and not the present life that I was living. I don't know what happen to that paper and now through the years what I left behind me is wondering to surface again. What did them divorce papers state? I just want to take the time and read through the divorce court records one more time.