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    NEW instructions for shorthand

    Lauren Algee Tracker

      Hi folks,


      Based on the many volunteer questions we recieved, here and elsewhere, and feedback from collection curators, we've created specific instructions for the transcription of shorthand. You can now find these on the How to Transcribe page: https://crowd.loc.gov/help-center/how-to-transcribe/#shorthand


      Here are the instructions:


      Some of our campaigns include shorthand text. Shorthand is a writing method that uses symbols for words or phrases in order to more efficiently and quickly capture notes (some examples here and here). Many forms of shorthand exist and we have found that shorthand transcription is really closer to translation. When you recognize text as shorthand, do not transcribe it. Instead, where it appears on the page type [[shorthand]].


      Thanks everyone for your questions, which helped clarify the need for specific guidance and the path forward.  Eager for any additional feedback or questions!


      Happy transcribing!