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    How did Tavani, Canada get its name?

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      How did Tavani, Canada get its name?

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          Marcus Bacher Adventurer

          Dear Mr. Tavani,


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          We searched online and the information indicated that Tavani, Canada was likely named by Dominion Explorers Limited, a mineral exploration company, who used the location as a trading outpost. The leader of the Dominion Explorers expedition was Guy Houghton Blanchet. The Guy Houghton Blanchet papers are located at the British Columbia (BC) Archives and may contain additional information regarding the naming of Tavani. Please email the BC Archives at receptionist@royalbcmuseum.bc.ca. 


          Blanchet authored and/or contributed to numerous publications about his explorations in Northern Canada, and he has been the subject of biographies.  For more information, we suggest you contact the Library and Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0N4, Canada. 


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!