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    Seeking US records about Maurice Techel

    Miguel Nollet Newbie

      It's been a sort of legend. My great-uncle, Maurice Techel, was a "maquisard" (resistance fighter) who was shot and killed by the Germans in World War II. He was shot dead the 12th of August 1944 in a little place called Landes Le Gaulois, near a castle. That was all I knew (we are from Belgium, but part French). So I set out and garnered a lot of information... now we know he joined the resistance (I think FTP) in Blois or Landes Le Gaulois (Herbault, La Chapelle Vendômoise) in the year 1943. A few days before the 12th of August, he also must have attacked an airfield or airstrip in Blois, of which we only have a date (I think it was the 9th of August). He was commended for a Croix de Guerre (war medal). The plan was to visit his son, see what he knows, but covid happened. I know the location of three memorial monuments in France that bear his name (amongst others). There's even a youtube video about the attack on the castle where he died, a witness giving a testimony about what happened that day. This is the link to it.



      Now, my English may be so-so, but I'll try to catch the gist of the video. So, there was a castle where the Germans stayed. It must either have been a fuel depot or a Kommandatur (HQ) for the German army in that region (for those who are interested, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once stayed there as well). So the group containing my great-uncle attacked the castle but were seen by the sentries. Two of them, one of them being my great-uncle, were shot dead. Marcel Bonneau was shot later in the vicinity as well. Those killed were Alexandre Fisseau and Maurice Techel. There was a group of resistants also from Landes Le Gaulois, and they departed towards Herbault to ask a hand from the Americans, who allegedly came with a cannon (or a mortar or...) to fire some shells in the general direction of the castle (and fuel depot). The Germans then were afraid and they detonated the rest of the depot.


      Now, I would like to know the US stance on all this. I unfortunately don't have any names of regiments deployed in the region (Western France, Blois, Orleans, Loir et Cher) but there must be some records about the attack either from the Resistance or the American response to it. What is also interesting - the day after a car exploded. Maybe there too are some records about it? I don't know... Anything one could find for me would be useful for our family who has stayed silent about it for far too long. Any help would be much appreciated!