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    Searching For Wigton Family History

    Lori Sullivan Adventurer

      Searching family history such as documents, pictures and articles anything pertaining to my grandparents Clifford Lee Clark Birth April 12th 1908 Death November 6th 1967 ( My grandpa died before I was born) and ( I knew my grandma very well and loved her so very much) Pearl Grace (Wigton) Clark Birth November 15th 1915 Death November 10th 2013 . Little known history about the Wigton family that resided in Cherokee County and surrounding areas. Grandma was one of many brothers and sisters, large families back in the days. My great grandparents parents would be John Walter Wigton Birth January 12th 1870 Death January 1958 and Maude Teressa (Mitchell) Wigton Birth August 31st 1876 Death April 29th 1937 in which I never knew my great grandparents on my grandmothers side of the family. Pearl Grace (Wigton) Clark.


      I have only have one photo of my grandparents Lee and Pearl Clark back in the history days and it is here on History Hub. I do know that  my great grandparents John and Maude Wigton first child was Perry Wigton Or maybe it was Guy Wigton and that he lived in Ottawa County, Oklahoma and there where many more children to follow. John and Maude Wigton moved to Ottawa County, Oklahoma in 1897 and they where forced to leave Oklahoma in 1899. Anything on the Wigton Family would be of interest to me and would be keepsake family information for generations to come. Thank you.


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