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    Directives, Descriptions, Images, Architectural Plans pertaining to urban training facilities from the 1942 "Village Fighting Course" to the MOUT facilities of the 1980's.


      Looking for information, images, and plans related to the construction of mock villages for the purpose of training for Village Fighting beginning in 1942 (Camp Barkeley, Texas: Tank Destroyers), similar sites at ~1942 specialized training areas, the subsequent purpose-built facilities at Replacement and Training Centers for the Japanese-type villages, Korean-type, "VC-Villages, the “Combat-in-Cities” program, “Combat-Towns," and the MOUT facilities of the late 70's and 80's. I have emailed all relevant branches of NARA (so please remove the post if this is out-of-order) but am looking for some more specific record group numbers that I am currently unable to pinpoint for my upcoming visit. Thanks!