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    Need Guidance regarding the Korean War 3rd Army Signal Corp and their assignments, attachments, etc. to help in my search for my Father’s Unit history?

    Diane R. Kessinger Newbie

      Questions about and known History of Dad’s Korean War Service.


      At 17, in 1949, my Father, Donald (Donny) Perry Robinson began his basic training. at Ft. Benning, GA.  In 9/1949.  He was assigned to Co. C 32nd M.Tank BN, CCB (don’t know what all that stands for - BN, CCB, ETC.), of the 3rd Armored Div. at Fort Knox, KY.  He was apparently there from 10/49 until 8/1950.  Went with the 3rd Division to Japan 9/15/1950.  Then went with the 3rd Div. to Korea 11/15/1950, under the 10th Corp, 8th Army.  His signal Corp supported that Division in their next 8 campaigns(whatever those were) would certainly like to know..  He remained in Korea until 3/7/1952 when his Mother asked that he be allowed to go home and help her as her other 3 living sons were also in the service and his 84 year old Father was dying.  He was Honorably discharged 9/15/1952 at Fort Devon, MA, USA.  My brother and I have been trying for years to figure out where all he was, what he did, battles, and units he supported with some type of Signal Corp communication services. But we haven’t found any of his signal Corp Unit's history. 

      He never talked about it much. However, once he told me he was “watching the war from the mess tent”, Huh?  He said they were trying to take a hill and it sounded as if it was heartbreaking to him.  He explained to me how after a time and both sides suffering terrible losses, there were even Chinese sent barefoot and unarmed and they’d grab a dead soldier’s gun and continue on -  running and shooting until they died.  I have no idea where this Hill was or why it was so important.

      He entered the Army when he found a service man could send an allotment to dependents like his 80+ father unable to work after a mine injury.  As the other brothers could not or would not, he joined to send them an allotment to help them.  He lived near Morgantown WV where he was working busting rock at a quarry there as it paid more than helping local farmers, albeit it was harder work - or so I was told.

      We would like to find any info possible on his 3rd signal Corp unit history.  If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d certainly appreciate it.  Thank You.


      Diane Robinson Kessinger