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    Need Direct Links to C-File & AR-2 Form

    Stacy Dietzler Adventurer

      As part of my dual citizenship process and after almost making a request a year ago to the USCIC Geneaology Program, they have completed their index search for my deceased father. Per the letter I received to request copies of the located Naturalization Certificate and some Alien Registration documents, I need to go to the uscis.gov/genealogy site and request the records for C-Fie and AR-2 Form. The letter included the file numbers for both files series. I have searched all over the uscis site and I thought I was a pretty good researcher and for some reason, I am unable to locate direct links to both forms. There are descriptions, etc. for the forms but I don't see the links to requests the records for $65 each. Can anyone send me the direct links to each form? Once I submit and pay for the records it may take up to another 180 business days! Thanks in advance for your help!