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    Has any an idea where to find aerial reconnaissance photos of Japanese targets in New Guinea in WWII?


      As I've been doing research on 5th AF, RAAF and Netherlands East-Indies AF squadrons operating against the Japanese Army Airforce and Naval Air Service in New Guinea in the periode 1943 - 1945, I've been searching for the targets folders and/or reconnaissance photos I know must have been taken by the thousands during that period.

      Now and then I happen to find one while searching the web, but I haven't been able to trace the archives where these photos must be stored.

      An example is the aerial of Nabire, a Japanese airstrip in Dutch New Guinea. Another one is the photo taken for damage assesment of an attack on Ransiki.


      I hope anyone is able to point me in the right direction.


      Bas Kreuger


      The Netherlands

      Nabire-AD_42-BG_69-BS_New-guinea_03-09-1943-CS002 II.jpg3-Attk-Grp_parafragd_Ki-43_13-Sentai_Ransiki_NEI_1944-CS3 II.jpg