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    Tagging Photos with Words in the Photograph Description

    Joseph Kennedy Newbie

      I am new to tagging so I reviewed the tips for what makes a good tag and looked at FAQs from other archivists for an answer to my question but could not find an answer.  Since I have been tagging photos for several weeks now and am not a metadata expert, I want to make sure my time is spent as efficiently as possible helping the National Archives.  I understand the importance of tagging a photo with descriptive elements not found in the photo title, so that form of tagging is completely understandable. My question pertains to tagging photos with words already used in the photograph description.  Why is it necessary to tag a photo using words in the photo title or description?  How will it change search results?  For example, if I want to find an image of a U.S. Marine smoking a cigarette and I search the National Archives Catalog using the keywords "Marine", "Smoking", and "Cigarette", the search results will show images that have those key words in the photo description.  It seems to me that adding those three words as tags is redundant and does not change the search results.  Can someone please explain how tagging photos with the same words from the photo description helps improve search results?  Again, I am not an IT or metadata expert, so I just don't understand.  Thanks.

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          Thanks for your question about tagging.


          I suggest you think of it this way:

          Basic instructions - tag items and features not found in the title or description.

          Bonus/Extra - tag items and features that may be included in the title or description because this allows you to click on the tag and bring back all the records that are tagged with (for example) cigarette.  So it is not necessary but can be useful in some circumstances.



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