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    Seeking combat logs/records of the 213th Field Artillery Battalion

    Dodge Billingsley Wayfarer

      I've been searching all over trying to find anything on this Battalion and am mostly trying to find records that give more information on their daily positions. I have emailed the National Archives and Records Administration and they told me to contact the Textual Reference Archives II Branch (Military). They however only mention operational records. In some interviews that were done with the 213th, they mention Battalion Commander Logs which would be vital information to have. I especially want Combat Logs or any logs/records of the 213th Field Artillery Battalion in 1951 during the Korean War. Does anyone know of anywhere else I should be searching or asking for these records? I have talked to the National Guard (213th was a National Guard unit that was inducted into the Active Military Service for the Korean War) and they sadly had nothing in their records that ranged past 2000.