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    Seeking tips for searching family history based on DNA evidence

    Deborah Patt Newbie

      Hello, My father is 1% African American, which I am assuming our history African American genes goes back to just about 5 or 6 generations, no further.  According to the old algorithms of ancestry, we have N. African, S. African, and Papua New Guinea.  I was able to look at the actual DNA strand as well; so I believe this to be true.  I do have an Africa Price back in my family tree and wondered if that name was supposed to tell later generations something.  Because I have so many many Quakers in my family, I'm suspicious that Quakers may have intermarried with African's who became Quakers and they moved to this country from their missions in Africa in the early days 1600s and that the Quakers were accepting to anyone who became Quaker.  That is my understanding, and I don't know the full history.  So there is a possibility that my lineage was not slaves.  If they were, they would be in the correct time period to be at the forefront of the slave movements and may have either purchased their freedom early on or been given their freedom early on, as they intermarried with people already here.  The DNA points to 10% Iberian Peninsula; which has been talked about to be Spanish.  There are no Spaniards that I can see in my line; but Melungeons are of mixed race, white, Spanish, and native American Indian, and African American.  We may have Mulungeons in our line that I'm not aware of.  How do I separate out the African American lines?  I've contacted my cousins who are African American, and they have not responded.  We might help each other get farther back on our respective lines.  And I'm keen to find my kinfolk from Africa.  I need help, tips, feedback, encouragement, and would like to hear from others like myself, who feel the pull, but can't get through the wall of records that mainly concern the white populations of the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s..  There has to be something I'm missing. I need tips for searching on a known 1% African American DNA evidence.