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    Seeking information about Alexander Koor or Margaret Wittke

    ivan Silchenko Wayfarer

      Hello, Ladies and gentleman. I am a Russian historian and now I am writing a book about the fate of one vivid activist of White movement (civil war in Russia 1918-1922 ), Alexander A. Kurenkov. In 1923, he (with his family) left Russia and came to the United States. In the US, he had obtained citizenship and changed his name to Alexander A. Koor. He had a daughter (Luba Koor, Wittke after she married) and a granddaughter, Margaret Wittke (she was born about 1956). Now I hope to find traces of the descendants of Alexander Koor. It will be a good opportunity to tell his relatives about the incredible life of their grandfather! Thank you for any help with my research!