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    Seeking records of Mary Dohra Glugla/Gluga

    Debra PAULINO Newbie

      I want the name of the town / village, its country, a christening record, orphanage or surrogate family of my orphaned maternal great grandmother.  Nothing is known of my maternal great grandmother except the date of her birth and death.  Germany is recorded as origin of birth and MI-USA where she died. The names of her parents were unknown to her and she was never adopted. This questions her given name being her true biological identity. She was known as Dora but her given name was Mary Dohra Glugla or Gluga.  My mother said Mary Klukla but descendants from my grandmother's sister says Glugla. Glugla is represented more than 300 times in Poland today.  She strongly disliked Poles. I am hoping to locate her town or village, country of birth, orphanage or guardian family, a christening record.  Anything.