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    Seeking records of Leo Joseph Thomas

    Susan Pinto Newbie

      I have reached a brick wall in searching for info my great grandfather, Leo Joseph Thomas and wonder if someone can suggest sources I might have missed. I am beginning to think he might have been an orphan which would explain why he told a different story on every census about where his parents were born, and where and when he was born. The earliest record I have found is his army enlistment, hospital corps in St Louis, Mo in 1899. In this he states he is a shoemaker, born Little Rock, Arkansas, age 21 and 5 months which would make his birthday June 1878. He is discharged from the army in San Francisco in  Nov 1902 for expressed terms of service. I found a Leo J Thomas, shoes in the 1903 telephone directory in Set Louis, MO. He seems to have joined the army again as there is a second discharge record in San Francisco in Sept 1904. He marries my great grandmother Teresa Herbert in Alameda, Calif ,August 1904 and becomes a hospital steward.. They have two girls, one being my grandmother Grace and then a third girl who dies a few months after her birth. I have the family in the 1910 census in San Francisco and then sometime before 1920 Teresa and Leo divorce and the girls are living with their maternal grandparents in 1920. Leo joins the US Naval Reserve Forces from April 1917 to April 1921 and then returns to San Francisco and the girls are back with him in the 1930 census. He dies in Yountville Veterans Home in July 1936, age 56 or 58 depending on his actual year of birth. I understand that it is difficult to trace a person born around 1880 because there is no 1890 census. The only record I have found that might be him is the 1880 census in Henderson, Texas where a 7 month old orphan named Leo Thomas (b. Nov 1879) is living with William and Rhoda Price, both of whom die within two years. How do I find out what happened to him and whether this is my Leo Thomas? Any help welcome. Thank you