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    Seeking biographic information about Roger Gordon


      Seeking biographic information about Roger Gordon: arrived in SC ca, 1730 leading a party of 40 families.  Prob. Scot / Irish.  Gordon landed in Williamsburg South Carolina.  Information in Boddie "The History of Williamsburg"  calls him first Capt. Gordon and later Col Gordon.  He led a group of Scots, Scots-Irish from Ulster, most likely Belfast.  Gordon was Captain of the militia during the "Spanish incursion".  The people of the settlement colony were probably Presbyterian, and leaving the "Presbyterian Planation" in the 3 Ulster Counties of Ireland, which had been founded in the early 1600.  Gordon's wife was named Mary.  I am looking especially for family description and whether a young person or child last name Dunn was a part of Gordon's family or colony.  Williamsburg is later named King's Tree (still so in South Carolina), Sylvester Dunn Sr. marries Janet Montgomery in about 1750 and establishes a working plantation on the Black River with approximately 5000 acres of holdings.