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    Theodore Roosevelt Western Union Letterhead

    Henry Rosenberg Navigator

      I have seen Form 1. Western Union throughout Teddy Roosevelt and many times it is not typed. Please find below the typed out letterhead for those telegrams. You can copy and paste this. It will save reviewers time and get these pages published faster.



      Form No. 1.




      The company TRANSMITS and DELIVERS messages only on conditions, limiting its liability, which have been assented to by the sender of the following message.

      Errors can be guarded against only by repeating a message back to the sending station for comparison and the Company will not hold itself liable for errors or delays

      in transmission or delivery of Unrepeated Messages, beyond the amount of tolls paid thereon, nor in any case where the claim is nor presented in writing within sixty days

      after the message is filed with the Company for transmission.

      This is an UNREPEATED MESSAGE and is delivered by request of the sender, under the conditions named above.

      1. T. ECKERT, President and General Manager.        


      NUMBER SENT BY                   REC’D BY                          CHECK

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          Diane Estes Adventurer

          Thanks!  I've been using your (very!) useful tip of copy/pasting letterheads to save time.


          I'm working on reviewing the Theodore Roosevelt papers now and many letterheads are wrongly transcribed, so I am editing as I go...

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              Henry Rosenberg Navigator

              Hi Diane- I have a folder with over 700 files of letterhead from the different campaigns I worked on. Most I used once or twice but others were extremely valuable in saving work and time. Sometimes I will copy and paste a letterhead that I did not do but I feel may come back again. Initially I hated doing letterhead but later realized that someone has to do it so I became willing to spend the time. Some can take 15-20 minutes but if that is how I need to use my time, so be it. If you see one that is particularly troublesome, let me know and I can check to see if I have the letterhead.