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    Need help to find my grandfather



      My name is Vivien Delia Helfferich and I´m searching for my grandfather. I heard you can find the File of some military veterans, thats why I need your help so badly. My Grandfather was stationed in Sembach/Germany near Kaiserslautern. He met my grandmother on a party at new year´s eve in 1959/1960. Her name was Maria Kühlwein. 10 month later my mom was born. He was from Texas. He was in the military police in Sembach/Germany. His name or nickname must be France, Frank, Franz, Frances or something like this. He was tall and he had dark hair.

      Thats all we know ... Is there any chance to find him? My mum, my older brother and I just want to know if he is still alive and maybe we can meet him? That would be our biggest wish! I would welcome your response.

      Please excuse my bad English.

      Greetings from germany.