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    Seeking information on Baron Gregorowski

    Robert Machuga Adventurer

      I am trying to find out about a Baron Gregorowski who lived in the castle at Stara Lubovna (located in present day Slovakia) during the 1810’s and 1820’s.  This may not be the exact spelling of his surname; for example, I have seen references to Gersky, Gergersky, or Gregorski.  He would be my third great-grandfather.  According to the family story, Prokopei, was born to Anna (probably Macsuga or Macuga) when she was about 20 years old in 1825 in what is now present day Jakubany, Slovakia.  Another account has Prokopei (other spellings are Prekopi or Precopi) born about 1818, and has the mother, Anna, born on May 11, 1794.  Supposedly, Anna was working as a maid or servant in the castle when she was seduced by a “Hungarian Pole” named Baron Gregorowski.  The Baron was purportedly in charge of the castle.  Their son, Prokopei, was born out of wedlock, and the Baron would not permit Anna to give Prokopei his last name.  Anna may have had as many as four children by the Baron.


      I emailed a request for information to the Stara Lubovna castle, but I have not yet received a response.  The castle website states that in 1772, the castle was returned to the Hungarian Crown and was used by the army and then by the State Government.  After that, the castle was purchased in 1825 by a nobleman named Felix Raisz from Levoca, who reconstructed a part of it and he lived there.  I would like to know if the Baron or the Gregorowski family was living at the castle during the 1810s or 1820s, and if so, any information about the Baron, including where he came from, and his lineage.