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    Seeking information about bomber named SKY LADY

    Christian Schele Newbie

      I am looking for any information about the bomber with the name Sky Lady.


      My grandfather Robert John Schele I standing next to a bomber I suspect he served on as a Sergeant 6th Emerg Raec Sq

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          Not sure if this was the same plane or different design earlier on from the nose art.


          41-24043 "Sky Lady" (90th BG 400th BS) B24-D-15-CO




          2Lt Allan Cotler (navigator) was born on June 25th, 1918 - passed away on Oct 20th, 2009 (buried at Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia)


          2Lt Russell L. Smith Jr (copilot)


          2Lt (later LtCol) Thomas O. Dunbar (bombardier) born on Nov 5th, 1917 - passed away on May 28th, 1983 (buried at Little Rock National Cemetery, Arkansas)


          1Lt Francis E. Menge (pilot) was born on may 30th, 1911 - passed away on April 6th, 1981 (buried at Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana)


          S/Sgt Clarence L. Albright (gunner) 1910 - 1949


          Cpl John Sam Wells (assistant radio) was born on Jan 16th, 1922 - passed away on June 26th, 1995 (buried at Galveston Memorial Park, Hitchcock, Texas)


          T/Sgt Robert E. Vandermark (engineer) born on Dec 26th, 1915 - passed away on May 12th, 2006 (buried at Newport Center Cemetery, Pennsylvania)


          S/Sgt William W. Kieser (assistant engineer)


          T/Sgt Vincent V. Valatka (radio operator) born on Jan 2nd, 1922 - passed away on June 12th, 2006 (buried at Saint Ann's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Lehman, Pennsylvania)


          S/Sgt Frederic C. Siedentopf (top turret gunner) 1913 -1968 (buried at Forest Grove Cemetery, Pennsylvania)

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            Jason Atkinson Ranger

            Dear Mr. Schele,

            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            Because nose art and nicknames were assigned by individual crews on an informal basis rather than by any central authority, Army Air Force records generally do not mention and are not searchable by aircraft nicknames. In many cases, multiple aircraft in different units had the same nicknames.


            The National Air and Space Museum has some publications and other documentation which compile some information about aircraft nose art and nicknames, although their information is not comprehensive.  Additionally, the Smithsonian Institution has custody of a microfilm copy of the Air Force and Army Air Force aircraft history record cards that may be useful if the aircraft’s serial number could be identified.  The cards list a plane's serial number, place of manufacture, and manufacturer's contract number, and may include information for each month that the plane was in service, the place of assignment, cumulative flying hours, and any repairs or accidents.  They cover information from the date the plane was put into service to the date it was destroyed or withdrawn from service.  For more information please contact the National Air and Space Museum Archives, 14390 Air & Space Museum Parkway, Chantilly, VA 20151 or email NASMRefDesk@si.edu.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!