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    Seeking the birth certificate of my maternal grandmother

    Emily Urban Wayfarer

      I requested a birth certificate for my maternal grandmother from New Mexico. I told them her birthday was 12/25/1903 and that she was born in Martinez, New Mexico.  After waiting a month, the answer came back that there was no record of my grandmother.  As I researched through the census files, I came across her name along with my great-grandmother's name and my mother's name as having received payment from the state of New Mexico for having lived in Pueblo Sandia. Why did my maternal grandmother have to move out of the Pueblo Sandia, New Mexico?


      I would like to further refine my search so that I can get a birth certificate for my grandmother.  On my mother's birth certificate it states my grandmother was from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where my mother was born. My mother passed away in 2010 and I was not interested at that time in my ancestry.  It is now my dad, who is 96 years old and myself left of our small family, and I have started researching in earnest. I'd appreciate any information anyone might have.  Thank you.