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    Looking for the parents of John Paul Maher/Logan Anderson

    Alicia Irvin Newbie

      He first shows up in the public record when he was 24 as John Paul Maher in a 1940 census, parents listed as Frank and Anna Maher. I’ve found earlier censuses for Frank and Anna and their other children but no John Paul Maher listed. In a 1920 census there is a 3yr old “ward” Logan Anderson listed and states his immigration as 1919 from Canada. Logan Anderson’s father’s place of birth is listed as Scotland and the mothers place of birth is listed as England. In a Ww2 compensation document it lists his birth place as Hamilton Ontario Canada. So I’m thinking my grandfather's name was Logan Anderson preadoption. I’m not sure whether the adoption took place in the US or Canada. I’m looking for Logan’s immigration records and also any direction in looking for adoption records to find his birth parents.