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    Seeking records of 3801st Quartermaster Trucking Company

    Tiffany Auvenshine Newbie

      I have a ton of information about my grandfather's time in the war but can't seem to find out any real information about where he was or what his company did during WWII. I know he left NYC on 2/9/44 aboard the HMS Andes and arrived in Liverpool on 2/18/44. He was part of the 1st platoon of the 3801st Quartermaster Trucking Company but no matter where I look, I can't seem to find what headquarters he was assigned to. I know he was in the Rhineland, Ardennes, Central Europe and Northern France according to his discharge papers. I just can not find any information on the 3801st QM Trucking Company. I know that the 203rd AAA Battalion and the 635th Tank Destroyer Battalion were aboard the Andes voyage and that they all served under the Lucky 7th, but again, nothing on the 3801st!I feel like I have a ton of information but know nothing. My grandfather's name was Aaron A Hughes Jr. He voluntarily joined the Army on Dec. 26, 1942 and was sent to Camp McCoy in Wisconsin. He never talked a lot about his time in the war but did mention being dropped into Germany on skis. (Not sure if that is helpful information, but it always stuck in my mind).


      Any advice on how to find out more information on the 3801st QM Trucking Company would be greatly appreciated! I do believe his records were destroyed in the 1970's fire, so that has hindered my research quite a bit. I do have a letter from a former army buddy of his that says they were together for almost 4 years as well as quite a few photos. I would just love to find out more about his time overseas. I also noticed from the few pictures and letters I do have, the other soldiers referred to him as "Tex".


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          Rachael Salyer Pioneer

          Dear Ms. Auvenshine,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          We searched the National Archives Catalog and located the series Unit Histories, 1943-1967 in the Records of U.S. Army Operational, Tactical, and Support Organizations (World War II and Thereafter) (Record Group 338) that includes 2 files for the 3801st Quartermaster Truck Company in the 1940s. We also located the series World War II Operations Reports, 1940-1948 in the Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917-1985 (Record Group 407) that may contain records of the 3801st as well. Please note that these records generally do not include information about individual soldiers, instead they provide information about the actions and engagements of the unit as a whole. For more information about these non-digitized records, please contact the National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) via email at archives2reference@nara.gov.


          If you have not done so already, we suggest that you request a copy of your grandfather’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). OMPFs and individual medical reports for enlisted men of the U.S. Army who were separated from the service after October 1912 and before 1959 are in the custody of NARA's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis. In many cases where personnel records were destroyed in the 1973 fire, proof of service can be provided from other records such as morning reports, payrolls, and military orders, and a certificate of military service will be issued. Please complete a GSA Standard Form 180 and mail it to NARA's National Personnel Records Center, (Military Personnel Records), 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138-1002. Veterans and their next of kin also may use eVetRecs to request records. See eVetRecs Help for instructions. For more information see Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF), Archival Records Requests.


          We searched the Access to Archival Databases (AAD) and located the World War II Army Enlistment Records database that includes 4 files for individuals named Aaron Hughes. If you believe one of these men to be your grandfather, please use the information in the file when requesting a copy of his/her Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).


          Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to guidance received from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), NARA has adjusted its normal operations to balance the need of completing its mission-critical work while also adhering to the recommended social distancing for the safety of NARA staff. As a result of this re-prioritization of activities, you may experience a delay in receiving an initial acknowledgement as well as a substantive response to your reference request from RDT2. Also, NPRC will continue servicing requests ONLY associated with medical treatments, burials, homeless veterans seeking admittance to a homeless shelter, and those involving the VA Home Loan program. If your request is urgent, please see Emergency Requests and Deadlines. Please refrain from submitting non-emergency requests such as replacement medals, administrative corrections, or records research until NPRC returns to pre-COVID staffing levels.  Please check archives.gov/veterans for updates to the NPRC operating hours and status. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience.


          Finally, you may find some useful information about Quartermaster Truck Companies in the publication The Quartermaster Corps - Operations in the War Against Germany by the US Army Center of Military History. The 3801st Quartermaster Truck Company is also listed in their lineage and honors page for the 709th Transportation Company. We suggest that you contact them or the  U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center for further assistance.


          We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


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            Mark Riggs Newbie

            Dear Ms. Auvenshine,


            Thank you for your entry about your grandfather. In my very basic research I have not previously read about any specific member of the 3801 QM Truck Company, and have not been able to locate a company roster.


            My father (Captain Roy Riggs) was company commander of the 3801 QM Truck Company from the time it was formed in 1943 until he was re-assigned in March of 1945. He was at Camp McCoy in the summer of 1943. The company later went on maneuvers in Tennessee that year.


            In addition to the excellent guidance provided by HistoryHub above, I recommend obtaining a copy of the publication "Patton's Wheels", which was given to everyone in the Third Army truck companies at the end of the war. The publication only mentions the 3801 a couple of times (including a brief reference to the company's participation in the Battle of the Bulge), but provides an excellent overview of what it was like for the truck companies in Third Army beginning with the breakout from Normandy in August 1944, to the end of the war.


            Thank you.


            Mark Riggs