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    Seeking records of Julia Ortiz-Castillo

    Virginia Cabral Newbie

      Looking for my grandmother's records. Her name was Julia Ortiz-Castillo or her married name was Julia Rios Ortiz. Julia Ortiz DOB 6/19/1938  Died: 2014. I need any type of US document from 1938 to 1949. Census, immigration, etc. Anything showing she was here in the states between those years. Here's the Family History - Her Mom name was: Susana Castillo (1911-1960) Tucson, Pima County, AZ  Died 1960 in Santa Paula, Ventura County CA; Her Dad's name was: Francisco Ortiz ( 1905 - ?) Mexico; In the 1930s her parents lived in California, Imperial, Westmoreland District 0051; Thank you so much for your help!