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    Find veterans name through photos?

      How to find veteran's name through photos containing unit and division information. Photos were used in a scam. I want to get photos returned to veteran. Any advice?

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          Hard question . I'm not sure its possible.  Are we talking about current veterans or long ago veterans?  Do you believe the unit and division information is accurate? Can you share the unit and division and give us an idea of how and where the photos were used ? 

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              I believe unit and division are accurate. The photos were stolen when the veteran was overseas. I was reading an article online in 2010 and the U.S. army division and unit, the veteran was apart was in Iraq training Iraqii soldier. Fast forward; just recently another veteran from that unit at that time recognized the veteran I am trying to get photos back to. I found him on LinkedIn.


              He won't give out the veterans name which I totally understand, though he sent him a link to my profile.


              So it's possible...very difficult though. You have to have photos that show some information to help with a timeline. Also divine intervention is most helpful!!!!