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    Best Software to Use?

    Rhea Eason Wayfarer

      I am determined to find the best software for copying and pasting into the transcribing field. I realize that the transcribing field automatically strips any kind of formatting. I believe that other archivists have a way to get some type of formatting. I usually enter the text by hand right into the field. However this is not so good for lining up columns when necessary, actually it's impossible to line up precisely.


      I have tried EditPad Light 8 (my go to for text editing - not a word processor) I tried different  types of just file adjustments: binary,c source code, C++ , #C and have edited preferences for tabs, tab to space, ASC,unicode.


      I have also Google Docs word processing but that didn't work out either.


      What is the secret to copying and pasting with at least 3 columns lined up?

      I'm starting to feel like my transcribing isn't up to being acceptable.