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    Looking for weather reports or observations in Charleston, SC in summer 1863

    Charles Webster Wayfarer

      I am looking for weather reports or observations between July 1-August 31, 1863 for Charleston, SC. I have looked at the Records of the Weather Bureau (Record Group 27) but because this was a Confederate city at that time I'm not sure the records would/could be found in the RG. It appears I may find something in RG 27.4 Records of Signal Corps Meteorological Work 1859-97 because the Signal Corps was in that area. BUT, here it comes, since the "Signal Corps was established by an act of February 9, 1870 (16 Stat. 369), authorizing a system of regular weather reporting stations" I highly doubt anything from Charleston would be included from 1863, despite the series indicating a range of 1859-1897.

      My only hope appears to be in RG 27.2 Meteorological Records of the Surgeon General's Office 1819-1916, but again I am concerned about the war being a factor for the information.  Additionally, I am not finding entries for a Confederate Weather Bureau. Am I way off, or somewhat on track?

      I've seen a monthly Meteorological Register (see below) that would probably be sufficient for my needs (unfortunately no citations, which irks me).


      Meteorological Register Fort Warren Boston Harbor Nov 1863