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    August is review month!

    Lauren Algee Tracker

      This August, we're asking you to focus your efforts on the oh-so-important process of reviewing pages and the impact it has. For new and long-time volunteers, you can find advice and instructions on how to review in our how-tos. All you need is an active user account and an interest in close reading!


      Usually when we issue a challenge we have a numerical goal in mind but this month's challenge will be different. We're encouraging you to join us for a summer slowdown. Read the text out loud, do a bit of research on the people represented in what you're reviewing, search for particular people or places in the Library's catalog, or just enjoy savoring the words and ideas expressed in the Library's collections. All month long we'll be highlighting projects that need particular focus, and we'll keep you updated on your progress. Check out our History Hub post for more details. We hope you'll share with us and other volunteers what you're learning!


      Over the course of August, here's what you can expect:


      • Weekly e-newsletters featuring particular campaigns needing review and updates on volunteer progress to-date
      • Daily Tweets highlighting what you've found while reviewing and sharing review tips
      • Updates on your weekly review activity and progress here, our Review Month space on History Hub
      • Collaboration with the Smithsonian Transcription Center (more info below)
      • A celebratory virtual event and blog post featuring your insights at the end of the month!

      #ReviewWithUs (and the Smithsonian!)

      We're excited to work with our friends at the Smithsonian Transcription Center on review activities this month! Follow along on Twitter using the hashtags #ReviewWithUs and #SummerSlowdown. If you aren't already a Smithsonian volunteer, register!

      To celebrate the week and our amazing reviewers, we hosted joint Zoom office hours session on Friday, August 20rd at 3:00pm EDT! We enjoyed talking all things review with some of you, and our Smithsonian counterparts. We may join more of these events in the future so stay tuned.

      We will be posting a collaborative blog post with the Smithsonian in the coming weeks highlighting your best review tips and stories. Do you have more to share? Comment below or email us at crowd@loc.gov.


      Focus areas for each week!

      Looking for somewhere to practice or hone your review skills? Here are projects that need a little bit of help to get them over the finish line! Can you jump in to review the remaining pages?


      Week 1, Aug 1-7:

      Week 2, Aug 8-14:

      • We are this close to closing out the first series of the Theodore Roosevelt papers! Only ~1,500 pages left to review. The remaining pages cover Roosevelt's emergence as the vice presidential nominee and the run-up to the presidential election of 1900.
      • We still need help reviewing the papers of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA). This week, we're focusing on the H-P correspondence file, containing ~2,500 pages in need of your attention! Some of the names in this series that you might recognize include Julia Ward Howe (wrote "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"), Helen Keller (disability rights advocate), and Sylvia Pankhurst (British suffragist).

      Week 3, Aug 15-22:

      • Did you know we celebrate Clara Barton's 200th birthday this year? Help mark the occasion by reviewing the remaining ~1,100 pages in the Clara Barton General Correspondence series! Her letters reveal Barton's interest in humanitarian work as well as other progressive movements including temperance and women's suffrage.
      • A life-long reformer, Lucy Stone fought for women's suffrage and abolition on numerous fronts during her liftime. Learn more her circle of correspondants and friends by reviewing the last remaining pages (~1,400 in total) in the following projects:

      Week 4, Aug 23-29:

      It's the final week of review month! This week, we're returning to the focus areas for the month to see if we can finish up any of these projects.

      Review Month Progress

      We'll be tracking where we start and what we accomplish each week. Keep an eye on this space for weekly updates:


      DatePages completedWeekly transcription actions
      August 1-7, 20212,34710,381
      August 8-144,14311,396
      August 15-223,98210,400
      August 23-314,18612, 306
      Month totals14,65844,483
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          camsandwich Wayfarer

          Week-long collaboration with the Smithsonian Trancription Center (more info below)

          Hey Lauren, looks like this article could have used some close reading too! Just kidding, but "Trancription" is missing an "s" to make "Transcription"


          Also, on the "Rough Rider to Bull Moose: Letters to Theodore Roosevelt", the intro article mentions that he was a "...public servant, historian, solider...", and I'm pretty sure that last one is supposed to be "soldier".



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            Diane Estes Adventurer

            No campaign for week 4?

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                Abigail Shelton Adventurer

                Hi Diane,


                You beat us to it! In the final week of review month, we're revisiting the series we highlighted earlier in the month to see if we can't get more of those completed. I've just updated the message above to include links to those and we'll be sending out an updated version of the newsletter with those links tomorrow.


                Thanks for following along here and for your help with review!



                By the People Community Manager

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                Abigail Shelton Adventurer

                Hi all,


                We're wrapping up our review month challenge! Thank you to all who participated this month (and every month) in helping us complete the final step of the process-checking transcriptions for accuracy and completeness. As you'll see in the post above, you completed over 14,000 pages in the month of August and saved over 44,000 transcription edits. What an incredible feat!


                Your work will help us bring these transcriptions back into loc.gov to make these collections more accessible. When returned to our main website, transcriptions help researchers of all levels find these materials and help those using assistive technologies experience these collections more easily. All thanks to you!



                By the People Community Manager