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    Translating Polish Writing on Cabinet Cards & Photos

    Stacy Dietzler Adventurer

      I just got possession of a box of family photos from the late 1800's and early 1900's and color copies of my Polish grandparents and father and uncle's passports. I have been going through the photos and there are a handful of cabinet cards from 1905 - 1912 with handwriting on the back which I'm not able to translate. Some of the cards still have some black photo paper on them and some adhesive. There are also some photos from 1920-1940's? with handwriting on the back too. Several have unique logos which is indicative of cabinet cards. I'm trying to put the pieces together of my late father's family and translating the cards will hopefully, inform me who some of the people are as well as the Polish locations.


      Can anyone recommend a resource that might be able to help me translate the handwriting, logos, etc. on the cabinet cards and photos? I would take pics of the front and back of photos for better identification.