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    Trying to locate Katherine Washington and her mother

    Scharlene Kintscher Newbie

      Trying to locate my mother, Katherine Washington, born 1914, and her mother, name unknown. Her father's name is Percy C Washington.* I have been trying to locate my mother's actual date of birth and place of birth. I am also trying to identify who her mother is. My maternal grandfather was a bit of a philanderer, and I cannot locate and information regarding where and when she was born, or the woman who gave birth to her.  Making my quest more difficult is the fact that I have accumulated a extreme amount of information regarding my mother, but very little of it correlates.  Sometimes she is Katherine, sometimes she is Catherine. Sometimes she is Kathryn.  Sometimes she is born in 1914, sometimes she is born in 1919. Another time she is born in 1911.  There are few items of information that remain consistent. The first time she shows up is in the 1915 NYC Census.  She is living with her paternal grandmother. She continues to reside with her maternal grandmother in the US Census. Three women of note were living with her father during the early 20th century: Gertrude McGriff, Elizabeth Madden, and Anna White.  My mother always asserted to me that she was born in St. Vincent's Hospital in downtown Manhattan, and that her mother was Anna White, but, again, no information that I have tried to research corroborates this. If someone could help me on my quest, and bring my mother's mother to light, I would deeply appreciate it.

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          Josette Schluter Scout

          Dear Ms. Kintscher,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


          Birth Certificates are typically considered Vital Records. These records are created by local authorities, and with possible exceptions for events overseas, in the military, or in the District of Columbia. They are not considered Federal records; therefore they are not held by NARA.


          We suggest that you contact the NYC Health Department Office of Vital Records to request a search for Katherine Washington’s birth certificate. To make ordering easier they have a website that you can use to request certificates online: NYC Birth Certificates. You may wish to note any name variants or broaden your search for the surrounding years. In addition, the FamilySearch Research wiki for [How to Find United States Vital Records] may be helpful.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!

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            Susannah Brooks Pioneer

            Most records seem to indicate that she was born in 1914 (age listed in censuses etc) probably in September or October.  I could find no births of females named Washington born in NYC during that time period, but there is one female born 20 Sept 1914 with the surname Walker born in Manhattan.

            You would have to decide if it is worth purchasing this birth certificate to see who the mother (or parents) were.