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    Seeking court records regarding Maritime Arrest of M.V SHARON, her engines 1980

    Katherine Van Niman Newbie

      Notice of Maritime Arrest June 2, 1980 printed in the Times-Picayune newspaper, New Orleans.


      Captain Harold E. Van Niman versus M.V. Sharon H., her engines, etc. in rem. Civil Action No. X0--1375, Section H, on the Civil Docket of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Maritime Arrest n May 5, 1980 by James V. Serio, Jr. of M.V. SHARON H.


      I am looking for the court action, records, and judgement in this action.  The  Civil Action No is not X) but the copy of the clipping is poor and I can't make out the first number.


      Thank you.