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    Seeking family names on Insular Passports Listings

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      I am searching for the name of my Paternal-Grandfather and family members on "Insular Passports - Philippine Islands, Volume 8 (1840-2149);" and there are listed 1,098 applications. Is there a way I can search by name and not having to click and read each name for all 1,098 listed? Thank you!

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          Thanks for your question. It may be possible to search within this series for a name and have that page identified in your result.  The results will have page numbers listed in green and the thumbnail for the page will have a green box around it. This is because some of our newly uploaded records have a layer of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) added to them.  However, this OCR will only work with type written records and many names in this series are handwritten.  Here's a link to a how to video and instructions: https://www.archives.gov/research/catalog/help/using.html#Searching_within


          You may find that a search within may lead you to the file unit, but will not identify the exact page the name is found on.  This is because this older digital file does not have the new OCR capability. In this case you will have to go page by page to find the name.


          Unfortunately, you may also find that you do not get any results for your search.  This is most likely because the name is handwritten and can't be read by OCR.  To help with this problem of handwritten records we ask people to volunteer as Citizen Archivists. Our Citizen Archivist help transcribe records so that every word within the record can be searched by the Catalog.  It looks like a few pages here and there in this series have been transcribed, but not yet enough to be helpful for your search.




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