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    Seeking list of WWII Army rank abbreviations

    Lynn Ink Wayfarer

      Does anyone know of an official listing of the rank abbreviations used during World War II for Army personnel?  This is for purposes of history-writing, and my organization wants to use the contemporaneous rank abbreviations rather than current-day ones.  (CMH has their own style of writing these, and a "preferred" list of rank abbreviations included in their Style Guide, but it's not reflective of the different conflicts.) The list we currently have on hand (whose source remains a mystery) lists Technician Fourth Grade as "Tec 4," for example, but it seems that "T/4" may actually be correct. Thank you!

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          Lisa Sharik Scout

          We have a roster done by unit company clerks in 1945 of the members of the 36th Infantry Division. It lists ranks as :




          T/4 and Tec 4 both used

          T/5 and Tec 5 both used






          Officers are pretty much as today.


          Lisa Sharik

          Texas Military Forces Museum

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              Lynn Ink Wayfarer

              Thank you!  That's very helpful and puts things into perspective. 


              After looking through many original wartime documents, it does seem that different abbreviations were used, so perhaps there was no singular "official" listing.  The list I have on hand which was created internally at some point also uses Pfc and Cpl rather than PFC and CPL (in addition to Tec 4 rather than T/4), but it may be that all of these were acceptable. 


              Thank you!