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    Looking for information on Joseph Saponaro

    Paola Gasola Newbie

      Good morning everyone. I'm  looking for information on a man called Joseph Saponaro on behalf of my mother.  Through an International Red Cross project, Mr Saponaro's family and my mother exchanged some letters between Sardinia (Italy) and the US back in 1959-1960, when she was 5/6 years old. He eventually wanted to adopt my mother, but my grandmother refused. She remembers he was around 48 years old and his wife had blonde hair; they probably had three children and the first one was more or less 20 years old back in the day. They were a lovely family who used to send blankets and hazelnuts cream in jars. She also remembers she sent a picture of herself wearing the traditional Sardinian dress.


      I'm doing my research and I found a possible match but, to be honest, I'm not sure it's the right one as there are multiple Joseph Saponaro born in 1912-1913. It would mean the world to find news on him and his family. I apologize if I made mistakes in English as it's not my first language and thank you in advance for all of you who will give us a hand or even an advice on how to conduct a better research.