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    Seeking if photo was taken at San Francisco Worlds Fair

    Heidi Smith Wayfarer

      This photo is in my mother-in-law's collection of photos.  The couple in the  back seat are her grandparents.  She noted a few years ago that she thought the photo was taken "around 1920."  It appears to be a staged photo at some sort of photo booth or kiosk.  A newspaper editor friend of mine thought she had seen similar pictures with a similar painted backdrop from the San Francisco Worlds Fair in 1915.  Given that her grandfather had gone back to Japan to bring his wife back to California with him, that they arrived back in June of 1915, and that the fair did not close until Dec. 4, 1915, it is indeed possible that it could have been taken that early.  Can anyone confirm this background as being from the SF Worlds Fair?  Two couples in a staged photograph in a mockup of an old car, taken in the early 1900s.

      (Note that in the inscription on the bottom, she was writing to one of her own grandchildren, hence the couple were the great-great grandparents of the one she sent the photo to.)


      Heidi Smith