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    Seeking interviews of Chinese nationals

    Charles Byler Wayfarer

      Does anyone know where the government records are of interviews of the Chinese nationals who accompanied Gen. Pershing out of Mexico arriving at Columbus, New Mexico in 1917?  My Grandfather Tom Hong Hoy on my wife's side and an uncle, Tom Sam,  arrived in Columbus, New Mexico with Gen. Pershing when the American Punitive Expeditionary Force was withdrawn from Mexico in 1917.  This group of Chinese refugees is known as the Columbus Refugees or Pershing's Chinese. The National Archives has records interviews conducted during their efforts to bring family members into the United States once they were admitted into the United States as merchants because of the Chinese Exclusion Act required that they be bona fide merchants and that their claimed relatives were in fact their relatives.  We have these records. I think that they must have been interviewed upon entry into the United States in 1917 but I have not been successful in finding the government records. Does anyone have a clue to where they are kept?