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    Adding electronic records to the catalog

    Joseph O'Connor Newbie

      Hi everyone!

      The title is sort of self-explanatory, and I know there may not be any easy answer to this, but if electronic copies of federal records exist outside the ARC, can they be added in?

      For example, I've been compiling nuclear test reports from Operation Crossroads (1946) to Argus (1958), which I found on the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) website. These records are from the Defense Nuclear Agency (which has a record group in the ARC), and I think it would be really interesting to put those reports in a more easily accessible place, plus I like to transcribe and tag, as well.


      I understand if that's not possible. I do commend the NARA employees and volunteers during this time. I got into transcribing during quarantine and I enjoy it very much, so thank you for all you do.

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          Gail Andrews Wayfarer

          Great question and as some of us work on only factual websites via Consulting projects being added to the internet for the first time.  I have one such coming up regarding military records of those never mentioned, awarded, recognized before due to sex and ethnicity for a Professor/Author.


          Perhaps a section "Data by our Citizen Archivists" type of thing.

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            National Archives Catalog Scout

            That's a great question.  Only records that are found in the National Archives can be added to the National Archives Catalog. Of the billions of records we have only 140+ million have been added to the Catalog or have been digitized and added to the Catalog. We are adding records to the Catalog every day.


            Unfortunately, the format of electronic records often do not lend themselves for transcription.  Many electronic records are data sets and can not be transcribed in our system.


            I recommend you contact the Electronic Records reference staff  - cer@nara.gov and ask them about these specific records.  They can let you know if we have the records, when they expect to be uploaded to the Catalog and if they are in a format that is conducive to transcription.



            Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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