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    Seeking to add a correction for videos on the Battle of Midway

    Andrew Ross Wayfarer

      Hello, I am seeking to make a correction, or to at least add notes to some of the videos on the battle of midway. This is for the purpose of adding more context to the videos themselves, and to help those who may use these videos understand what is going on. I will add as a disclaimer that the idea for this post is mainly due to a video posted recently by Aviation History Visualized on YouTube discussing the topic. Please check out his video on the topic for further information and context. All Links can be found below. I also have my own notes on the videos to add down below.


      • The F6F’s mentioned in the first clip’s shot list are actually F4F Wildcats, as can be seen from the landing gear which extends from the fuselage as compared to the wing.
      • Also note that throughout the entirety of all of the clips, any shot with an aircraft that has a red dot on the national roundel must have been taken before May 15th, 1942, due to orders stating that it must be painted over. The same applies to aircraft with red and white stripes on the tail. This is due to a belief that red would confuse friendly pilots into thinking of an allied plane as Japanese.


      428-NPC-5382 - “Battle of Midway”



      428-NPC-21954 - Battle of Midway MN-1433



      428-NPC-22080 - John Ford footage simulating Battle of Midway (Historical Footage WW- II)



      Notes to reference back to:

      Naval Heritage and History Command Article discussing naval aircraft markings


      Cincpoa-105-45 Aircraft Identification guide, for use identifying Japanese aircraft.


      Youtube video which was the inspiration for this post.

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          Dear Mr. Ross,

          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


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