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    How to confirm if John Guilino was naturalized

    Margery Gulino Newbie

      My great grandfather's declaration of intent is available but I cannot find any record of it online.  I am not sure he actually naturalized because he died soon after the intent was filed.  Where can I get this information?  Also his last name is misspelled and his first name is Anglicized, is it possible to amend this? Thanks

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          Susannah Brooks Navigator

          You cannot change an official document.  Also he signed the document "John" so he was using that as his given name at that time.  According to this declaration of intention he arrived in the US on 20 Dec 1949, which means that he could not have been naturalized until at least 5 years later (20 Dec 1954 at the earliest).  So if he died before the end of 1954, he was never naturalized.

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            Lisha Penn Navigator

            Dear Ms. Gulino,


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            The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the depository of the permanently valuable non-current records of the Federal Government. Our mission is to preserve the records and make them available to the public. When this file was transferred to the legal custody of the National Archives, we may not add to, subtract from, or change in any way the contents of official records of the U.S. government. If you have found an error in a document produced by an agency of the U.S. government, we suggest that you contact that agency, such as USCIS, to correct their official records.


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