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    American POW Camp - Attichy in France 1945


      Hello everyone


      I would like to ask You about American POW Camp in France during Second World War. This is short story.


      My friend’s grandfather as a 17 years old boy was recruited to Wehrmacht Army, although he was Pole. (this a long story to describe, maybe next time). In 2nd of April 1945 he and other Wehrmacht soldiers was captured in Halle (Germany) by  10th Tank Battalion (commanded by lt.col. Hamberg). This unit was a part of 5th US Armored Division.  Next he was transported to Rheinberg-Namur- Attichy (France). In Attichy he spent some time, perhaps to 28th of April 1945, when polish force took over him to polish army in Italy.


      I would like to ask You


      1. 1.)    Where (I mean archives) can I find some information about Attichy camp and German prisoners?  I would like to know which American units guarded camp etc.


      1. 2.)    Did American officers make in POW’s camp some prisoners list? 
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          Kelly Osborn Tracker

          Our archivists haven't been able to find anything about POW camps in Europe in our records. We have a lot of records for POW camps stateside, but not much for overseas. I hope our audience grows enough that someone can help!

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            marie borsch Newbie

            Hi, I'm doing research for a documentary film about the POW enclosure 15 of Attichy. My father was also 17 years old when he was there... Is your grand father's friend still alive? I'm looking for witnesses because for now, only my father can talk about his experience of reeducation...

            You can find pictures of the camp in the Life Magazine, photos by Ralph Morse...I have also some documents and informations to share...

            Please, contact me. Thanks!