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    Military Attache Reports from Yugoslavia - Interwar (1940ish)




      I am after some old Military Attache Reports from Yugoslavia - I have the reports numbers, but I have no idea where should I look to see if there is perhaps an online version of the reports available?


      This is the information available (from J.E. Kaufmann's book Fortress Europe)


      Attache's name was Major Louis J. Fortier and reports I would be interested in are:
      No. 4787, July 13th 1939

      No. 4830, October 5th 1939

      No. 4929, April 9th 1940
      No. 4939, May 20th 1940
      No. 4965, July 15th 1940

      No. 4995, September 30 1940


      I would in particular be interested in reports No. 4787 and No. 4995.

      Thank you for any bits of information you can provide!