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    Seeking connection with John Hendy (Hende)

    Paul Edwin Hendee Wayfarer

      Hello All: Our family has lived in Webster, Monroe County, New York since 1810 when it was known as Penfield in the county of Ontario. Many years ago when I was about 24 my mother gave me 10 typed sheets of paper and told me these 52 people are our ancestors on your father's' side.  I thought, "Hmmm, that's interesting" and promptly put them in a drawer.  When I retired from a graphic arts career I took them out and read them.  Suddenly, I became interested in our Family Genealogy. I learned a lot and really dug into our family past.  The furthest I have gone back was with John Hende (Hendy) in late 1300s.  The name varies as many times it was spelled phonetically back in the day.  John was Thome Hendee b. ?  d. 1587 in South Elmham St Cross, Suffolk, England.  Attached is his record of marriage to Agnus Wright in 1574.

      Thome Hendee Marriage to Agnes Wright 1574 in Ancestry.

      Getting back to John Hendy (Hende) - I have considerable documentation on him and his family from a book, "The County of Essex, Ancient and Modern History" that I found on the internet Archive.  I have placed an extract of this book on my website.  You may feel free to download it at:  https://the-hendees.com/PDFs/Extracts_History_of_Essex_England.pdf . A very interesting and informative story.  Unfortunately, I have yet been able to connect this John Hendy or his family to ours.  If anyone can help with this, I would be greatly appreciative.  Also, I found this document which indicates, now Sir John, petitioning the King:

      1385 John Hende petitions The King

      So, if anyone can help with the connection between this Hende and our Hendee Family. Many Thanks